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4 Legal Clauses You Must Negotiate (Even If You’re Not a Lawyer)

“I’m not a lawyer, so I’ll let the legal team deal with it.”

It’s a common excuse I hear from procurement professionals for not dealing with the complicated legal terms in a contract they’re negotiating.

This may be one of the main reasons procurement gets sidelined in negotiations, instead of taking the lead. If you’re unable to negotiate on behalf of everyone at your organization, what’s the point?

That’s why over the past few weeks I’ve been covering some of key legal terms in contracts and how to use them to your advantage in negotiations.

Looking to level up your negotiations skills? Check out the videos below:

How to Avoid Unexpected Expenses After Mergers & Acquisitions

Due diligence and post-acquisition review can be chaotic. Your team could be facing hundreds - or thousands - of contracts that they need to go through in just a couple of weeks.

With so much to do in so little time, it's easy to miss critical issues in some of the contracts.

But even one of those issues could end up costing your business millions of dollars in unexpected expenses down the line.

How do you avoid the chaos and minimize the risks while doing a proper review? Watch today's video to find out: