Free Video Course: The 4 Pillars of Contract Management

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In all my years as a Procurement professional, contract management has always been one of the biggest headaches.

It didn't matter what role I was in. And it didn't matter what industry I was working in either. Every business that deals with contracts (which is all of them) had the exact same problems.

Over the years, my experience in the trenches as a contracts manager and then as an executive and consultant taught me a lot about what works and what doesn't work in contract management.

I learned what a streamlined, easy and efficient contract management process looks like. I discovered the simple tweaks that can generate incredible savings in both time and money.

I also saw firsthand the high cost of a manual, chaotic and fragmented contract management process. Executives spending hours of their precious time searching for contracts. Companies paying millions of dollars in compliance penalties simply because no one knew what was in the contract.

But what really drove me crazy was that all of this could've been easily avoided.

If you've been following my articles for the past few months, a lot of this will sound familiar to you. I've been evangelizing a simpler approach to contract management for a while now.

And I'm not just writing about it. We've built an entire software company around the idea that contract management doesn't need to be complicated to work. In fact, the simpler it is the more likely it'll be effective.

Fortunately, our customers — who range from financial services, real estate, technology, telecom, professional services, and non-profits — seem to agree.

Although our clients are seeing incredible results from streamlining their contract management process, there are still thousands of organizations out there who are struggling. And despite our best efforts, we can't help them all.

Until now.

Today we're launching a free video course on "The 4 Pillars of Contract Management".

This course is a "must watch" for any contract management professional, or any executive who oversees the contract management function.

In the course, we present a simple, straightforward and easy to implement approach to contract management that any organization can use.

It won't cost you millions of dollars. You don't need to hire us to see results. And it won't take years to implement. You can start seeing results from these simple changes as early as tomorrow.

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