IT Procurement Review

Are you overspending on technology? Or worse, are you over deploying and exposing yourself to a potential compliance audit? If you don't have visibility into your technology agreements, that's the first problem we need to fix. 

As Procurement experts who specialize in technology, we'll analyze your technology footprint to identify redundant technologies and develop contract negotiation strategies to help you realize cost savings and mitigate risk. 

  • Review software in use against budget and actuals
  • Identify redundant technology and address software feature overlaps
  • Analyze supplier agreements for cost reduction opportunities


We looked at hiring a number of the big consulting firms. But it was evident from the beginning that they didn’t have the expertise in IT contract management that OneView brings to the table.
— Bruce Pinn, CIO, Element Financial

IT Vendor Management

Once your IT Procurement Review is complete, we'll help you implement best practices in IT Vendor Management so you can realize cost savings, improve efficiency and reduce risk. 

We'll negotiate directly with your largest vendors to get the best terms possible. Then we'll leave behind the tools and processes your team will need to manage renewals and eliminate compliance risk.  

  • Store all your technology agreements in a central repository
  • Identify strategic vendor agreements that require renegotiation 
  • Develop a process to manage contract renewals 
  • Negotiate with suppliers to reduce maintenance costs
  • Implement best practices in IT vendor management 
These guys are professional technology contracts negotiators who know exactly what it takes to get the best terms for their clients. They’re the first call I make when faced with a tough negotiation challenge.
— Steve Cimicata, General Counsel, Volaris Group

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