Intro to what we do -- Need a hand dealing with your technology suppliers?

Most acquirers will call up one of the big firms to manage the entire technology transition — including determining a course of action for IT suppliers. But the big firms lack the requisite domain knowledge, experience, and skill set to identify risks and opportunities buried in your supplier agreements. 

That's where we can help. When we get involved in a deal, we go through the following four step process to generate cost savings for our clients:

Negotiation Consultancy Services

Negotiating contracts with technology suppliers can be tough and complex. When done correctly, they can also be very time-consuming. With over 20 years of negotiating experience under our belts, we understand the complexities of structuring successful technology deals. From vetting requirements to getting ink on paper, we sit next to our clients through the entire process to ensure a mutually beneficial deal.

Our Negotiation Services include:

  • RFx and Supplier Selection – Preparation and administration of competitive bids for technology goods and services.
  • Competitive Market Review – External market analysis to identify the competitive landscape, emerging technologies, market dynamics, trends and end-user comparisons.
  • Negotiation Prep – Assemble a negotiation team and assign responsibilities, set negotiation goals, review strategy objectives and create a decision support framework.
  • Negotiation Strategy – Construct a negotiation strategy that incorporates alternatives and contingencies of no agreement or change of scope. Validate and prioritize scope and commercial needs and requirements, validate RFP or RFQ responses against requirements, assess and quantify pricing models.
  • Negotiation Execution – Engage key internal stakeholders such as legal, finance, and subject matter experts to ensure sure the contract meets their requirements. Review common practices, terms, SLAs, etc. and compare specific terms and conditions in the contract with industry standard best practices. Negotiate pricing,  and commercial terms and conditions to meet business objectives

Case Study: Element Financial

Learn how Element Financial generated over $2 million in cost savings and avoidance after a $1.4 billion acquisition. 

We looked at hiring a number of the big consulting firms. But it was evident from the beginning that they didn’t have the expertise in IT contract management that Shura brings to the table.”
— Bruce Pinn, CIO, Element Financial

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