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Essential skills of the Elite Negotiator

Are you the person your organization turns to when faced with large, strategic supplier negotiations?
Are you the one they call in if they’ve been hit with a compliance audit and need their most skilled negotiator taking point?
If you’re not that person right now, is that where you want to take your career?

I’ve spent over 25 years honing my craft as a negotiator to become one of the very best in my field
And today I’m the guy companies call when they’re stuck, and need the very best person representing them at the negotiating table
But I haven’t just been negotiating for the last 25 years, I’ve also been taking notes…lots and lots of notes

And I’ve come up with the essential skills that make me, and can also make you, a truly Elite Negotiator

  1. Wearing Different Hats
  2. Getting to the Back Table
  3. Playing the Waiting Game
  4. Leading and Following
  5. Controlling Emotions
  6. Understanding BATNA
  7. Planning
  1. Communicating with Stakeholders
  2. Supplier Deadlines
  3. Negotiating Maintenance Renewals
  4. Acceptance Criteria
  5. Meaningful SLAs
  6. Implications of IP Infringement
  7. Managing ISV’s
  8. On-Premise vs. Cloud
  1. How to build a negotiating strategy using a template
  2. Defining your negotiating team and your business requirements
  3. Collaborative negotiation
  4. Creating value vs. creating leverage
  5. Win-Win vs. Mutual Gains
  1. Lack of Definition
  2. Decentralization
  3. Manual Processes
  1. Gathering Data
  2. Analysis
  3. Contract Review
  1. Storage
  2. Accessibility
  3. Summaries
  4. Alerts
  1. Review sample contracts to identify opportunities to create leverage and mitigate risk when drafting/negotiating contracts