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We help Procurement organizations generate cost savings from technology agreements. As Procurement executives with deep technology expertise, we help our clients save millions in IT costs by eliminating redundant technology, renegotiating with vendors and reducing compliance risk

Take your Procurement expertise to the next level and become the go-to person in your organization for all of their Strategic Sourcing Needs

Bring in the experts with over 25 years of experience to help you reduce spend, mitigate risk and increase efficiency

As industry thought leaders in Technology Contract Negotiations, we know what it takes to get the best deal for our clients

Work We’ve Done

Tailored Solution

  • Negotiated a $5 million unlimited license agreement, on behalf of a leading financial services provider, that had inherited a $75 million install base after an acquisition.
  • Reduced the annual cost of an outsourced mainframe agreement from a large technology provider by $2.5 million by repatriating the third party ISV software.
  • Saved $1 million on enterprise software license agreements by negotiating license cost based on actual product usage for a top tier insurance company.
  • Reduced maintenance fees by $500,000 annually by negotiating longer term renewals for mission critical software.
  • Consolidated resellers by issuing an RFQ to secure a preferred reseller at cost plus pricing, generating a projected $100,000 in annual savings for a major telecom company.
  • Helped the acquirer in a divestiture accelerate contract discovery, review and assignment to avoid $2 million in monthly transition services fees.

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