Learn to negotiate better IT contracts
even when you don’t seem to have any leverage

Live training with me, online or in person.


Week 1 Essential Skills of the Elite Negotiator
  • Wearing Different Hats
  • Getting to the Back Table
  • Playing the Waiting Game
  • Leading and Following
  • Controlling Emotions
  • Understanding BATNA
  • Planning
Week 2 Rules of Technology Negotiations
  • Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Supplier Deadlines
  • Negotiating Maintenance Renewals
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Meaningful SLAs
  • Implications of IP Infringement
  • Managing ISV’s
  • On-Premises vs. Cloud
Week 3 Negotiating Strategy (Part 1)
  • Collaborative Negotiation Strategy
  • Preparation: Defining your Team and your Requirements
  • Value Creation: Listening, Exchanging Ideas and Creating Options
Week 4 Negotiating Strategy (Part 2)
  • Value Distribution: Building Trust and Getting to the Back Table
  • Follow-Through: Dealing with Surprises, Governance and Escalation
  • Addressing Analytical, Psychological and Organizational Complexities
Week 5 How to Identify and Capture Cost Savings
  • Gathering Data
  • Analysis
  • Contract Review
Week 6 Negotiating T’s and C’s
  • Review sample contracts to identify opportunities to create leverage and mitigate risk when drafting/negotiating contracts
Week 7 Summary Review and Open Q&A

Frank from IT

Hey Procurement person

We’ve been talking with a new software company for a few months

didn’t bother to tell you about it

and now they’re offering us a great discount if we can get them a PO by the end of the week

So, can you get the contract signed and a PO out the door ASAP?

Sound familiar?

As a procurement professional, I’m sure you’ve gotten excluded from your fair share of IT contract negotiations or put under a strenuous timeline to get a deal signed.

How are you supposed to reduce costs and mitigate risks when you don’t have any leverage in the negotiation?

Here’s the thing: IT Contracts are different

  • Terms and Conditions matter

    Can you use an indemnity clause to get better terms on the contract? I routinely use the T’s&C’s section when negotiating with IT vendors to get better terms.

  • Internal politics are real

    Your IT department (and possibly others) often go behind your back to negotiate software deals. I can show you how to make this problem work for you, not against you.

  • Licensing changes on a nearly annual basis

    Instead of getting caught off-guard, I’ll show you how to use this to your advantage by understanding the different licensing models out there